The Bunk Pirates

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Billy and Matt are the Bunk Pirates. They are hunting for a chest of gold. Will they find it?

Author(s): Joy Allcock
Illustrators: Blair Sayer
Sound Focus: ‘ng’

Alignment with Ready to Read Phonics Plus

Emergent Level 7

Colour: Yellow

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You can use the following notes to teach students word-level reading/decoding strategies. More in-depth notes
can be downloaded below.

Total Word Count: (includes title) 152
87 different words. 49 are high-frequency words, 72 are decodable, 4 are non-decodable vocabulary words.

Decodability Criteria: Words in this book are either high-frequency words or are decodable according to the following criteria:
• one letter = one sound (e.g. map)
• doubled letters = one sound (e.g. Matt)
• word endings er, le, y, ed, ing (e.g. chatter, scramble, Billy, chased, digging)
• long vowel spellings at the start, in the middle and at the end of words
• the short ‘oo’ sound spelled in different ways (e.g. looking, pull)
• the ‘ng’ sound written ng and n

Decoding Strategy: As well as revising previously taught strategies, the focus of this book is to recognize the ‘ng’ sound in words. Spelling patterns for the ‘ng’ sound are coded blue to help students notice them. Students will meet these patterns: ng (hunting, being, clang, bring, going, clearing, digging, something, bang), n (bunk, anchor, clank, think, clunk, monkey, jungle). When students meet these blue spelling patterns, remind them that they will sound like ‘ng’.

Non-decodable Words: High-frequency words: above, are, come, for, found, here, says, shouts, start, their, through

Vocabulary words: anchor, ashore, clearing, pirates

Important Vocabulary in Text:

Verbs: hunting, chased, drop, bring, row, drag, cut, screech, chatter, yells, digging, hits, scatter, shouts, scramble, pull, escape
Nouns: pirates, chest, gold, ship, anchor, map, boat, beach, jungle, monkeys, clearing, spade, cannon, tea

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