Mike and the Ice Queen

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Queen Eliza lives up in the clouds. She has no idea of the problems she is causing for Mike and the villagers who live far below her.

Author(s): Karen Dravitzki
Illustrators: Jo Thapa
Sound Focus: Long ‘i’

Alignment with Ready to Read Phonics Plus

Early Level 9

Colour: Blue

You can use the following notes to teach students word-level reading /decoding strategies.

Word-Level Reading Strategies

Total Word Count: (includes title) 322

Decoding Focus:
Revise decoding strategies previously taught.

Read multi-syllabic words.  If students need help to decode multi-syllabic words, help them decode this. Cover up all but the first syllable and help them decoded this.  Repeat the process with the second and third syllable and so on.  When all syllables have been decoded, students blend them all together to pronounce the words (glitt/er/ing,  vill/a/gers,  sugg/es/ted,  de/ci/ded etc).

Recognise the long ‘i’ sound written in different ways.  The spelling patterns for the long ‘i’ sound are coded blue in this book to help students recognise them.  They are in works like: shiny, white, high, sky.

Phonics Focus Words:
Write the different spelling patterns for the long ‘i’ sound on the whiteboard.  Group the long ‘i’ words from this book under the various spelling patterns.  Students can add other words they know that contain the same sound and spelling pattern.
i:        Eliza, icicles, shinny, diamond, tiny, island, cried, decided, idea, dried, desired, rising, behind, tired, kind, finally, hiding

i_e:    Mike, ice, white, rise, entire, time, prize, ride, invite

igh:    high, frightened, sigh, night

y:        fly, sky, cry, try, dry, trying

y_e:   dyke

eye:    eyes

Important Vocabulary in Text:
You may like to discuss/introduce some of these words before reading the text.

ice queen, castle, icicles, robe, snow, crown, raindrops, island, clouds, tears, villagers, river, banks, idea, dyke, sign, trouble, prize, hot air balloon, party

sparkled, floated, visit, felt, rise, frightened, decided, burst, flooded, suggested, protect, causing, dried, blew, saved, desired, rising, hiding, kind, invite

glittering, shiny, tiny, diamond, entries, great, clever, fluffy, white


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