World Folk Tales

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Introduce children to myths, legends and fables from across the globe in this movingly illustrated collection. The varied stories use a range of storytelling techniques and perspectives with full-colour, two-page illustrated spreads. Use this captivating resource as a springboard to help children learn more about people and cultures from around the world.

Stories are from Greece, Brazil, USA, Indonesia, Australia, India, Turkey, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, China, Chile, Mongolia and Nigeria.

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“This picture book of folk tales from fourteen different countries and cultures around the world is possibly the best collection of it’s type that I have read. In hard back picture book size it would be an essential purchase for school libraries and a classy book for the home with primary and intermediate age children and for adults too”

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World Folk Tales retold by Elizabeth Kirkby-McLeod, illus. Brent Larsen. Pub. Giltedge Publishing 2021. PR. Lighthouse

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